Thursday, February 12, 2009

Julie's Favorite Green Smoothie

This is the best way I know to get enough fruits and veggies every day.  The ingredients may make you wonder if it's good, but trust me, it is.  Your kids (and husband) will  like it too, if they can get past the strange color.  Give it a try!

1 apple (skin, seeds and all if your blender can handle it)
1 pear
1 banana
1 cup WW vanilla yogurt (or any other kind you like--this one is just very yummy and good for you) (optional)
2 cups (or more as you get braver) of fresh spinach or other leafy greens
Lots of ice ( do two big handfuls)
2 T. Milled Flax Seed (optional)
1 T. Flax Seed Oil (optional)

I use a Vitamix, which definitely works the best, but my friend at work does this in a Cuisine Art blender and says it is doable if she makes sure there is liquid at the bottom (either a bit of water or the yogurt) and pulses at the beginning to get things going.  I made this this morning, and it made 4 cups.  You can use any fruit that sounds good to you--be creative and enjoy!

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